lazy park days

Today was a lazy day. I happened to want to log into IRC for some reason. I did not remember all the events earlier with Freenode. Used to be back in some other decade we hung out on a few Linux channels like Debian and others. Earlier this year there was a cosmic shake in the force and freenode really ceased to be. It took me back to some other days when we worked on a non profit named Peer Directed Project Center.

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πŸ¦… πŸ‘ view.

Beautiful day( for a bike ride. I was too lazy so I just took the photo πŸ˜€

leaving nothing behind

Sometimes it’s the story of going to Lolita Cafe for their wonderful verdes enchiladas. I love going there but it always is enchiladas with pollo. And a cold corona beer or two. The final damage is $8 USD if I have two beers. You get 4 enchiladas with so much chicken and the wonderful verdes sauce. So good. Leave nothing behind. Other times it is writing. Sometimes I think when blogging we should just give it all we have each time.

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Sunday morning and my balcony

I really love this home and my room here. The balcony last night was fun with beer and my friends Paul and boss calling from Hanoi. We talked for over an hour and had video so I could see everyone there. They got me updated on all things in their lives and the boys jumping all around, dancing, yelling, hello Mike! How are you? We miss you. We love you.

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Saturday gets going

I don’t quite know the difference between weekday and weekend being retired. The days kind of blend together at least until 10 December when I must go to the puerto Vallarta airport and first fly to Mexico City and then to Merida. That day seems to slowly approach sometimes and other times the days rush by. This morning started out cloudy and cool. We seem in this wonderful weather format where each day becomes even more beautiful than the previous one.

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A little exercise and some fun

I guess I could just use some service for a landing page or static home page like OMG.LOL or whatever it’s called. I see other wonderful people on using it. But why do that when I can create a Hugo based static site and have some fun, and a bit of frustration, learning a little at the same time. Just for the fun of it, here is what I did (again):

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Friday breakfast and birthday celebrations

Today was a nice morning. We went out for a birthday celebration for the housemate to this beautiful beachside resort and ate, talked about travel, and teased each other. Our Airbnb hosts turn out to be our friends which is really cool. The restaurant was right on the beach so I took a few photos because it is simply a lovely place to go eat. This is the cobblestone road that winds along the cliffside which we took to reach the resort hotel.

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Went to eat breakfast at beautiful spot outside of old town puerto Vallarta. Breakfast celebration

Thanksgiving dinner 2021