When DHL delivers

So I am waiting for my new debit card which is set for delivery today by DHL. Sometime today by end of the day they say. Breakfast is going to come by 11am or so I think. Let’s see if I get the card before or after. Supposed to be on the delivery vehicle now. It does give me time to sit on the balcony and have a second room coffee.

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Good morning! Brought to you by the quill editor, puerto Vallarta and my trusty iPhone 12 Pro. Go have an awesome day.

Malecon when the evening starts arriving. People out walking, eating, drinking. Watching other people doing the same.

New place for pizza for dinner. Outdoor seating. Good distance between tables. Wonderful service. This is Napoli. Right off the Malecon. Tonight pepperoni pizza with fresh cheeses. I love pizza.

Sayonara Facebook

Awhile ago I ditched Facebook but only the apps. I left the account active. Then I deactivated the account so I could still use messenger. Then later I decided it was not worth it. Any of it. I just want to write about the reasons. It’s not because Facebook is evil or their spewing of ads or Facebook tracking me until iOS changed a few things and I could turn off wherever the hell tracking Facebook did that got them so mad at apple.

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Sunday morning sides and asides

After a nice night meeting Louis and his family at Burrito Beach and having a few beers with them, came back and talked and drank a bit with my Airbnb host and housemate. Nice way to spend a Saturday evening. Our neighborhood had a few parties and music going until about midnight. Now it is Sunday morning and along with that comes some room coffee. I chat with my friend P in Hanoi quite often or like yesterday he calls me on WhatsApp and shows me where he is walking in Hanoi.

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Breakfast at Menos Place. Waffles fresh fruit and coffee. Nice place for lazy Sunday breakfast.

life at the taco place

Tonight I met Louis and his wife and daughter at Burrito Beach Cafe. We sat and talked awhile. Louis is from France and his wife from Thailand. Their daughter has lived here for a few years. We talked Asia and life and happiness. We drank some beer. Delightful times. Soon their daughter will move to Colombia to work awhile so they came down to help. Wonderful meeting people and then finding so much to enjoy In our conversation.

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Tacos at burrito beach cafe. Nice place. Good prices. Wonderful food and beer. I love tacos.

The colors ran to so many others. Love the explosion of reds, yellows, greens. There are so many wonderful little things to find.