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Around Each Place there are Moments

I’ve come to realize the last two years that as James Taylor would say,

time is not really real

Its existence is a facade of hours and seconds that we can squander or pretend to use. But as they say with or without us, time marches on. But time does not march at all. It is merely a dividing mark of itself. You can tell because an hour is minutes which is seconds and then there are years and decades and days. Its all reckoning not by our moments but by time. Lets look at two differences and see what you think:

  1. time. Time is a measure and we use a clock or something to declare it. We believe we can master it but its inexorable and it just goes on. And on. Forever on. Its erodes us like we are desert sands that twirl under its careless steps. It leaves us wounded sometimes when we use it to measure a thing like “time away” from something. Whether the something is a person, place, thing. In the end, we say a thing has run out of time. Maybe us too. We run out of time. I believe though that the incessant whimpering of the clock as it strikes the days, is not real. We have a better grain of measurement folks.
  2. moments. Moments are richer and last as long as you want. They can include all the things or none of them. Once I walked an alley in Hanoi and the moment enveloped me in what were the lives like down this alley. When did the hairdresser open and how was the egg coffee at that small vietnamese coffee shop. The young men sit out in front on a door step and wave at me and say hello. Truly everyone it seems in Vietnam and Cambodia have a moment to say hello. So moments are like supersets. They combine and subtract, create within them realities and then you walk through them perhaps on your way to another Hem or alley and a new moment is created. Perhaps its the star dust of moments.

So unlike time. Time that ticks madly away and makes you a slave to its whims. Time that trots you out to a place but then says,

you only have an hour to be here

Moments envelope and create and descend and move and are fluid. You can create a moment and then watch it grow or subtract without the influence of time.

finding out the power of moments

When i got old and retired and left IT, time stopped. The bastard conveyances of time also stopped. Things like milestones, tasks, deliverables, schedules. Those are all instruments of time. Responsibilities too. They act to take time and make sure you are slavishly bound to it. You are given time. But its never really yours. It belongs to the Master of Time whoever that may be but we know in our indomitable souls time is not really real (thanks JT).

When we blow out the failures and imaginary controls time creates, we can stop as long as we want We don’t need to see 90 countries in 180 days or whatever. Its okay to take the moments instead and spend them like precious currency. Re-invent them. Come back to them. They are the same but different. I go back to Saigon a lot but I am pretty sure that each time I leave Saigon re-invents itself and rebuilds itself and when I walk the streets again it offers new moments.

Give it some thought. Travel or vagabonding. One is based on time and one is based on moments. The imminent bloggers that tell you 24 hours in a place or 5 tours in 3 days all use time. They will rush you to find but then whisk you away to another block of time elsewhere to spend 3 days or a week or two weeks. Travel is about time folks. It begins and ends. Vagabonding is not I aver. I believe vagabonding has no time. Its a measure of priceless moments that each occur, become longer, shorter, and then you decide that a thing can be returned to. The moment is different though because it served its purpose. Time is evil with travel. You are branded as a round the world, gap year, digital nomad. Each one is some pathetic attempt to control time and subject it to your airfares and hotel rooms and schedules. I challenge all of you time based travel lifestyle bloggers to descend from time and blog about the moments down that alley or when you got lost in Hanoi that day when rain threatened. Time ran out but you had precious moments. I don’t like the world of subsidized and scheduled posts, SEO, domain authority, or any of the other buzz words that stack these poor travelers in the whirlwinds (all created by them, of course) of time

Enter the vagabond. They have descended and see a world out there that slowly envelopes them, turns them on and takes them to the alley. Because what they have is not time. So this blog also exists away from time. Its words struck down on virtual paper with no time. I give you your moments back. You poor thirsty travelers with your apple watches and time measurement devices and sponsorships. You miss the master of moments.

I give it back to you now. Will you take it?

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