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Time for a Latte

Here in Phnom Penh Cambodia is a saying.

same same but different

I have heard it from L in Saigon to explain things and my Khmer friends will laughingly tell me this when I ask the “why” about a thing here. I heard this from a stall selling cheap t shirts at the Central Market too. I love the saying and it makes me laugh to hear it each time. It explains a world perhaps some will never see. Here in Southeast Asia it embodies life though. It can be very similar to living elsewhere. Many things work the same. Money, credit cards, airplanes. All work the same. You pay and you get.

Then there is the final part of the phrase “but different”. If you stay here longer you learn all the points that are different. Where we hurry in the US to things often here there is a difference. There is no real hurry. Cambodian people are the most friendly and authentic people but time management is not high on their spectrums. Take my friend AV. We joke about this and invented two measures of time. We have “mike time” and “AV time”. One is the “same same“ part of things and one is the “but different” part of things. She will try to be at a place for lunch at Mike time but I realize she lives by AV time and it’s all ok. As you know from reading here time really has ceased to exist for me so whether we meet at the “same same” time or the “but different” time has no bearing on what we do, how long we spend at the coffee shop, or if we just spend time laughing and talking about Cambodia and life in general.

Since I am writing this on my iPhone 11 at a Browns coffee shop in Phnom Penh, my hot latte sits at silent waiting for me to finish. There is no hurry. No rush for this table. WiFi goes on but if it stops I have cellular data that is good and reliable.

I want to tell my friend Mikka thank you and that I believe in him and he will swing the vine to success and much happiness. We have worked almost together before but now we follow each other and his blog is one of the few I read. His ability to transcend mere pictures and words with storytelling is so beautiful. Take a read of his blog and see. Life is so much richer knowing him, reading his blog, and following him to new challenges he will surpass.

It used to be blogging was like this. We linked and shared and cared. There still are a few that embody this sharing and creating without an expectation. That to me is the spirit of blogging and content creation. Not the whirling dervish of “same same but different” bloggers these days.

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