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No place to be...

The retired life for me could be summed up by one quote,

no place to go and all day to get there

It seems my story is that unfinished work perennially. I do not have a place to get to in Can Tho so I sit with cold Saigon Beers and watch the evening set in. I’m spoiled. There’s nothing I don’t have that I want or need. I have some VND in my pocket. Some friends sometimes at arms length but well meaning and a life that has meanders from city to country to continent. Maybe a wanderer with no pot of gold. No one that asks or requires or mandates or tells me.

I have moments to spend indiscriminately on nothing of value in Vietnamese coffee houses where the young gather and always smile and say hello. Or perhaps I find a place to sit awhile like now. Saigon beers at the ready. Life with no rudder and no guidance system. I am seeker of moments. Experiences that fill them. A person named L that enriches so many.

But in the end I am a selfish , egotistical and narcissistic SOB and I know it. Those are my good qualities. I don’t provoke an answer. In fact I could give a fuck less.

It’s the moment and the one to come. Tonight the beer and the beer to come in Can Tho Vietnam in a nice restaurant by the river. Where the current pushes and cool winds dally. Gentle times to gather nothing and look only at what is presented to me now.

Soon I will leave the edge. Leave this wonderful, strange, exotic place called Southeast Asia. Other wandering awaits and I’ll go toward no destination or final goal.

Tonight it’s the cold Saigon beer that they bring to me. Cheers!

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