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Sunday Morning

Its the time to consider the moments to come and find the path you need. Some would say the end of a week. Others the beginning. Here in Taipei it’s the start of my second week here. Staying longer in places means slowing down. It means finding the regular places where you can sit awhile and meander the thoughts.

Take a moment on a Sunday and look around. I see a coffee shop in busy Taipei. A large latte awaits and the day stretches out to nothing in particular. I can ride the MRT later down a few stops and wander the places. But now it’s only a quiet moment. The year is almost up. Two years doing this. Slowly moving as I want. I dreamt many Sundays over decades of this. I got it! It took awhile. Now I can wander as I please. No rules besides my rules. No time allowed. There are only moments and experiences allowed in this pleasure dome.

Happy Sunday you all. Enjoy it. Spend it wisely or foolishly. I always do some of each.

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