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A day spent doing little

It seems the longer I stay the less I feel inclined to do. Perhaps it’s because I just arrange the places with no real things to see or do. I arranged a month in Taipei awhile ago. Then I looked for an Airbnb that would be close to some things but without the usual backpackers and their sounds. So I found the Sanchong district and a place there for about $400 for the month. I get a basic room with AC, some really good WiFi, and I’m close to a MRT station. One of the things I wanted. No backpackers. A thing I also wanted.

Now it’s my second week in Taipei and I have a SIM card for a month with unlimited data and a MRT pass for a month. Restaurants are all around me and I’ve settled in to life. Found a local market I like with just about everything in it. Today I bought more fresh fruit. Then I stopped at this Taiwanese coffee shop where some of the baristas are from Vietnam. That’s fun! Then back to my room for awhile. And lovely messages from my L.

Now I’m gone again and writing this on my iPhone 11 in a digital mall downtown. I stopped and ate some cheap Chinese food that cost about $1.00 USD. Soon will go to a park I want to see.

These days it’s all possible but nothing is planned. The walking is everyday and the beer is every night. Life has only moments and experiences for me in Taipei. I know in weeks I will leave. Will I have seen it? No. But neither will the backpackers that spend three days or a week here. The difference is I don’t try. I just go. Trying is for wimps. Clocks don’t count. Schedules and instagram places don’t exist in this life.

Give it a try sometime. Vagabond so slowly you can see the gap between the seconds. After all, it’s not the number of countries and continents seen. It’s not pinning the number in your Twitter. It’s the experiences you have. So what if you only see 5 countries or 3 in a year? Who is to say the better experience and moments?

You won’t though. You will forever hurry and meet the challenge. But what if there was no challenge and no one cared. What if the only thing was you and the streets you got lost in. Then what?

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