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iPhone 11 photography updates

I made the decision to leave the FujiFilm X-T30 and two lens with L in Saigon before leaving on this 7 months. I had gone through both wanting to take and wanting to leave it behind. The real thing came around to what I wished to carry, how I wanted an easier flow of going out for the day and taking photos and then making them available to friends. Call it a workflow if you want.

I’ve spent almost a month with just the iPhone and it’s been very good for me. I can move around easier and the weight of camera, lens, extra battery and other stuff is gone. Then there are the photos themselves and my happiness. In the end it’s my happiness and joy with the images and then letting friends see. I post the images here sometimes but more often to Facebook and my Mastodon instance.

It’s been good but I want a little more. So here starts the second part of the fun.

Halide and Darkroom

Halide is a camera app that I moved toward before. It offers the ability to shoot in raw but they also take advantage of some of the latest goodies in iPhone photography like Deep Fusion and you can choose an option to apply the best of processing to images. Darkroom is a nice raw file editor to learn and play on as well. You can apply different prebuilts or save your own.

So when I combine the two apps I get a new method to get images. It’s fun because nothing really changes on the iPhone. I just get the choice now to shoot differently. Choice is good. I think learning is good again.

What I want is the option to more deeply edit the images but maintain the entire simple workflow. I don’t desire some dedicated camera to heft around. The iPhone 11 has been a very nice choice for me. It gives me the things I wanted before leaving vietnam for 7 months. I get a lighter kit to carry. A simpler workflow that still is flexible. A single multi use device over multiple single use gizmos.

Would it work for you? I don’t know. My needs are pretty simple. I don’t publish or sell photographs or ever intend on doing any more than having fun. I don’t need to print images. I want to host the images on google photos. Your needs are probably different. It’s all good folks. Do what makes you happy. What challenges you. I will.

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