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Last weekend in Taipei

The moments always come to this even with slower wandering. I reach the last weekend. I chose a month in Taipei months ago because I felt the city had a lot to offer this old retired guy. I could spend weeks and weeks simply walking wherever but still see the touristy sites. I made it to a number of tourist sites here but some of my favorite things are not those. Here is a little list:

  1. Sanhe night market. This is a non tourist night market close to where I stay. It’s blocks and blocks of food, clothing, games and even nicer restaurants. I’ve enjoyed a steak dinner, Taiwan corn on the cob, and Banh Mi sandwiches. I also buy fresh fruit there. Skip the tourist night markets. Go to the local markets for the real market scene in Taipei.
  2. Historic districts and small neighborhoods with side streets and alleys with small shops give you the flavor of the city away from the big instagram moments. You can find them on google maps easily.
  3. Food is good here. Coffee is a big deal here. Find local coffee houses like 85 degrees but I also really like louisa coffee shops. I don’t do a lot of street food but I will partake if it looks sanitary.
  4. The MRT! What a great transit option to wander the city. I got a 30 day pass. You can reach just about all the places but I like riding to some random station and then walking.
  5. Finally walk the city! You cannot see it from a motorbike or a bus tour. You can see it up close and see the glitter and grit. It’s the same whether In Kuala Lumpur or Tokyo.

I’ve really enjoyed the city. I found a good Airbnb for only $400 a month. You can spend longer. You can really stay as long as you want. Try it. You don’t need to count Instagram moments or countries. Count the real moments. Those that link you to the places you slowly found and assuredly so many places you have missed. You will still miss them and even more with 5 days here. Stretch and slow down. What’s to gain from reading the travel blogs with their impeccable itineraries. Build your own. You may not do the amazing hop on or off tour or cram it all into a week. Who gives a F?

I don’t. I won’t judge you. Go for it. Be a hobo.

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