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Taipei end of days

Today was the last day wandering this beautiful city. I just took off in any direction and walked. Beautiful buildings, small markets, then Oldies Burgers. Do that was a lunch stop for me. Very nice burger in an American style place. I walked back to the MRT station and rode back to the Bridge Station. 

So the time wandering Taipei for a month ended like all the other places have. A final walk thinking of the last month seeing this city. I let my Airbnb host know I would drop the keys off at her breakfast restaurant and then she gave me a box of pineapple cakes in individual packages just right for packing away. 

After some time taking a break in the room decided to go to this Japanese ramen shop and had spicy dry noodles and beef with soup. Poured the soup over the noodles and ate. 

Now it’s occurred to me that this is like so many other places I’ve walked for the month. I hate to see the time end. Cities like Taipei are made to be walked and seen with moments to spare. The rush of travelers and tourists with their 5 days to see everything reminds of this one person on a FB group that had one day to see Phnom Penh. A waste of time really. You can see the Wat Phnom and the palace and maybe the museum. You can drive around in a tuk tuk. What have you really done? You’ve seen a city in a day and you saw nothing. Same with a week and doing the Instagram moments or the travel blogger itineraries. I see them in Taipei and Tokyo forever hurrying to stand still. 

Here they have a schedule and a momentum. You can tell them a mile away. In Phnom Penh I fell my friend AV you can tell the tourists by their hurry up nature. 

only one beer tonight sweetie. Has anyone told you are a cute little Khmer girl? No time to eat. Got to go to the Wat Panom

AV just laughs and wishes them away and comes back to talk to me at the restaurant when their time is done. 

Hurry up. I remember that lingo. Hurry up and wait. So is the millennial lingo for traveling. But I have bad news; cities and temples and museums all change right after you leave. So you one visit wonders with your 40 countries and your instagram influencers you just move on. And on. And ever on. 

It’s good really because it leaves room for me to go so much slower. To ride the slow roads and see the little places with small temples and non tourist markets. But even with my snails pace the time ends. Moments conspire and the next city calls me. Tonight I’ll drink a bit and wonder a bit more. What does the rest of 2019 look like. But I know. 

It looks like nothing. Things pass me by that move slow but I just will continue. Now another month of Taiwan in 4 different cities a week each because i want to. Next Philippines and then the US. I told my darling L that the US is no bargain when I’m used to the edge. She knows. She waits. Saigon waits. Vietnam knows I’ll be there. To live and have more in Da Nang next year. 

Now it’s goodbye Taipei. Thanks for all the things you gave me and generously letting me take a few. Next blog post from Hsinchu City. Another place to spend some moments. To wander a street or two. Such it is. I love it.

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