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The best travel camera

I like to read the releases about new cameras. I read this one just today. An interesting perspective it seems to me is that all of the cameras are expensive. I’ve traveled with the X100F. It’s nice if there are blue skies with no rain in the forecast. Make some weather and the camera is not so good. I lost one due to weather. Admittedly my fault. But I’d say If you recommend a travel camera it should be able to take some weather. Another choice is the excellent X-T3. If I had unlimited dollars for the camera body and lens maybe.

Here’s the main thing with the review. They all are damned expensive. Where are the cameras for the rest of us? The ones that you carry because they fit in a pocket and are tough. Maybe the GRiii and the Sony are the only ones. But then again it’s the price.

These are all travel cameras for the pro. Cameras to take professional photographs on professional travels to big destinations. Many of us don’t go to just the big destinations. Maybe we want something easier on the pocketbook. Easier in the backpack. Something you can use cheaper or lose and it’s not like an appendage going away.

Here’s my view. You don’t need any of those cameras. What you need is one you are comfortable with. Maybe it’s a Samsung Note 10 or a Pixel. Maybe a Fujifilm X-T30. Get the one that meets your criteria and needs. Be comfortable with its features and limitations. Don’t shoot in RAW? Ok. Want a point and shoot? Great.

Also think about your services. How do you archive and share the images? Is your mobile device a partner in this? It’s great to buy a dedicated camera for upwards of 2k but if you want to life the photos off using something like the FujiFilm Camera Remote app on iOS better read the reviews. Maybe settle for an adapter that you can use.

For me my desire was not to buy more but to go with less. I wanted multiple use devices. The camera should be a window to the world not a limiting factor. I don’t need 3k of gear. Do you?

What is it you really want? When you vagabond like me the devices are important but my happiness and satisfaction trumps all.

Maybe sit down with a notepad and write down your expectations and desires. Your needs and wants. Perhaps you find it can be done with less. Maybe for you a simple point and shoot with decent zoom lens works. Maybe you wanna shoot on auto 90% of the time. Maybe you don’t want to edit in Lightroom or photoshop. All good.

You can find it. It may already exist though. My iPhone 7 Plus was a great companion but after years I wanted different. Now the iPhone 11 fulfills my needs. I don’t need professional photographs suitable for printing and framing.

Do you? If so look at the things to make you happy with the results not with the top 10 in some magazine. If not you can find things out there to enable you to be happy.

I did.

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