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Tainan Arrivals

I got into Tainan yesterday. The city is one of those I think I will really like for a few reasons. It has this beautiful mix of history, culture, architecture and a wonderful array of small streets with charming shops. Across from my hotel is the historic Hayashi Department Store first opened by a Japanese family long ago and then restored and re-opened. The building lights up at night as does most of the city. The Art Museum is a wonder of a building as well at night.

Walking the streets is very rewarding in terms of seeing the small sights that I love. Little alleyways, side streets with bustling businesses and lots of food options. I barged into a restaurant last night for some Chinese fare where no English spoken except by a very nice young girl who took my order, smiled a lot, and took the money. Very enjoyable dinner. Today I will start the day by having the free hotel breakfast and seek out a coffee shop of which there are many.

Some of the things already that I like besides the history and culture and buildings, is the nearness of things. Tainan is much easier to navigate and see on foot. Taichung was a huge city but yet with no MTR. Most people use the TRA system to get around I think. Another thing is Tainan has more of a visitor flair I think. It feels more in tune with short time visitors to me. I have another 6 days after today to see the city so I will slow down since most people may spend two days here.

This is my third city on this little circuit on the HSR system. I rode yesterday for an hour which was really nice. That length trip lets you more experience the speed of the train and how efficient the system is. When I get done with the cities in the next few weeks it takes me 2 hours to get back to Taipei.

So more to come on daily ramblings both here and on foot to see this wondrous and historic city and its neighborhoods like Anping. Stay tuned! I’ll try to give you a photographic view as well in the coming days.

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