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Coffee in Tainan on a Rainy Day

Today is a Friday and I sit at the Treeswind Coffee Shop in Central Tainan. It’s been raining slowly but steady for awhile. It’s a good time to sit over the latte and consider things.

iPhone Camera things

I’ve looked at some smaller cameras like the Ricoh and a Canon or three. Then I looked at their mobile apps. They all suck. Not one iOS app over two stars. Geez. Once I go there then I need an Apple camera adapter. Then, since I only have an iPad and iPhone how do I upgrade the firmware?

A second thing is my expectations from the whole photography experience. I expect to just take photographs. Minimally edit them and share them. I looked at apps like Halide and Procamera. Way too complex for someone like me that wishes to just record things either in video, photography or night mode. My expectation is to have a device that takes the photographs, makes them available for editing and then sharing. I don’t need bunches of cables and adapters and chargers and plugs. Nor do I want to deal with yet another app to lift the images from the camera or a dongle thing to hook to the iPad that then hooks to the camera.

Are my expectations out of whack? And does the regular iPhone 11 and it’s camera app just do all this with no frustration? Yes.

So the final point is not buying any more camera gear that I just end up being frustrated with when the iPhone 11 and the default camera app delivers such a simple workflow and images I like.

Vagabonding, relationships, life

Ah yes. The swirling vortex of other people entering and leaving my life. Now I just don’t watch that much but their shadows touch the window and the sun lessens with their passing. I watch others in life. Happy either alone or with someone. I have only little to offer another. So little to hold up to see. So I don’t.

It’s better to not touch another in some wanton, vindictive or other way and expect something back. My L gives me with no expectations back and so I give to her. It makes a relationship simple and kind and she understands my needs to walk, vagabond, go. She also wants me back but no conditions apply.

latte cools and rain falls

Stories and moments persist but here in Tainan on a rainy Friday listening to blues music in the Treeswind Coffee house it matters not. I can dwell on the moments and those to come easily. Left alone but not lonely. And the rain gently taps the window. It leaves a design of its own and is urgent in its patience. I can just watch the silver blue traces with the latte. No expectations and no demands. Got some Taiwan dollars in my bag. Got a rainy Friday and the blues dance and moments dissolve to others.

That’s the way it is for me. I’d have it no other way.

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