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Manila retrospective

I originally planned on being in Manila Philippines longer. Due to a few things I’ve decided to jump away to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for Christmas and new year’s this year. I decided on the spur of moment that I would be happier there. I simply love Malaysia, the food, the people, the culture and history. It’s so rich in events and architecture and all that this old retired guy loves. So on a last minute whim I found round trip on Malaysia Airlines from Manila to KL. I will even stay in same motel for 9 days since I really know the area now.

I always feel like Malaysia has the best of things for me so why deny myself the best?

Then I come back to Manila and go on to Cebu and Davao for 2 weeks and continue to the US. The freedom to just go and have everything in a bag on my back is huge to making spur of moment decisions. The reality is none of it is expensive. I can freely go as I want and I know the easy visa places. Malaysia offers me 90 days for free. Nice deal!

Today will explore the Makati area here which is rich in malls, food, and international folks. It’s an upscale area easy to walk around. The Green Belt center offers a beautiful mall with parks and a covered walkway. Maybe some pictures today.

all this and more too

There always is more too. Life when you have less or nothing of note seems to conspire to give more of the rich moments. The tapestry is stunning. I go where I will. I find other moments to note and experiences to grab. The everyday of KL life ensures a wonderful brocade of mixed sights, sounds, and even moments of reflection over delicious curries and street food delights. All within a remarkably safe city with such a mix of things. Love it there. Don’t want to live there but to go as I want is the “bees knees”. These are my bees knees though. You gotta find your own 🙂.

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