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Exit Manila

Decided to go to Malaysia at the last minute or so. Left this afternoon and will spend about a week in Kuala Lumpur over Christmas and New Years.

Now I sit in a pub in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with tall beers at my whim. Life flashes by and it’s a warm and almost rainy evening in one of my favorite places on the edge. It leaves me with no desires or needs besides to sit and watch. KL is so different. Different and warm and with soul and spirit. Maybe it’s the people and the food and the busy streets. Perhaps the idea I came here on a whim with nothing to do and over a week to prove it.

Of course the third draft asahi beer leaves me with that warmth and wonder. KL will let me wander and wonder tomorrow. Walking here is the way. The city comes alive when it hears your footsteps.

Stay tuned. More remonstrations to come but beer first.

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