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Saigon Beers

Sitting at the Corner Cafe in Saigon District One. There is beer involved and the warm Saigon evening tempts with more. Saigon is busy, big and sometimes strange. If you think you know it turn around. It’s all different. So I sit with beers and consider that in 1.5 weeks I leave this edge. This comfort. This soft pillow. Southeast Asia is habit forming. It turns you around and reboots you and pours another beer. Then it pouts and reminds you that life here is special. Different. Same. You know.

It’s Vietnam. It’s the big city where the motorbikes rule and coffee shops dictate. It’s a warm evening and I won’t be back after the 15th for months. It’s my home. This big blob on the map where people are what they are and smiles come with the territory. Where life is not measured for me by accomplishment or goal surmounted.

Now it’s should I have one more tiger draft beer and stumble back and watch old YouTube movies and dream.

It’s life and Saigon restarts itself again. This city. This manic and cool and beautiful place. Bring the draft beer one more time. I’ll survive.

Here’s to you. My tiger draft salutes you.

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