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Only me standing

For two years it’s been me standing and looking. Seeing the little places maybe other forgot. I spent longer in places to always get a sense of life there. How people do their daily things. How small side streets lead to other streets or sometimes in Taipei to dead ends. Once I walked in Tokyo randomly down small alleys. Turned left or right. Maybe around in circles. Who knows. Who cares. Life is about circles. Crazy Venn diagrams that pulse and shine and always leave me wandering them. I don’t count places or attractions. I miss the big things perhaps. It’s always me standing.

Walking, seeing, believing in my no mission and goals and finales. The stretch has not been much yet now I find myself dreading the return to the US. So many little things touched and fewer people found. I’m not good friendship material. I know how the currents drift and people’s sails take them to new ports of call. Whether in Vietnam or Cambodia or wherever life has been the rich unfolding of little moments. I just gather them like a Neo hunter gatherer. Each one sustains me. Maybe a life spent in search of little moments is the best. Little places where I hear laughter and see the Khmer children waving and saying hello. Where nothing intrudes.

It’s me. Standing there. Living a life of moments and experiences lets me dawdle over a coffee and see the excruciating glory in mundane places. Now I head back to beautiful, wondrous and often incredible Vietnam for a year. I’ll find more mundane and trivial and share them as I ought. You’re invited to armchair the voyage. Just be patient. I move at my pace. Maybe you will see something new in the little. I still do.

The next year starts in February and Hanoi beckons. Only me standing. An old retired guy that has no real insight but will light a little path for you if you want.

Stay cool. Have no expectations. Never get jaded. I’m a terrible guide but I’ll mark the trail.

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