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One day in San Antonio Texas

I don’t like doing the 5 things to do in a place or tours to take or writing tips type blogposts. I think there are plenty of those out there already and you can find the 25 things to do or things to see or places to go easily.

There’s always another side to things though. Cities are not 5 or 25 things. Places of natural beauty like Halong Bay are not a group of things to see in a day. Taipei or Saigon or Hanoi or Kuala Lumpur are not just marks in a blog. The same with San Antonio. So I could write a few places to go see here:

  1. The Alamo. A historic site downtown San Antonio but surrounded by beautiful historic buildings as well. City streets that are mostly square or rectangular in nature in a grid style that lets you wander easily. You will end up at the river walk if you keep on going past the Alamo. Blocks away is a beautiful Main Street district with the courthouse and wonderful old buildings with their elegant yet simple lines that strike the beautiful balance of utility and use. While I can start at the Alamo, its likely I will wander down streets to see the small buildings that dot the blocks with wonderful lineages of time.

  2. The River Walk area. A meandering riverwalk with restaurants, stores, and even historic districts to explore with arts and shopping. Sidewalks line the riverwalk areas and many people walk in a roughly circular fashion to see the combination of restaurants, shoppes, and history. When you stroll along the riverwalk area its more of a time away much perhaps like walking the riverwalk area in Melaka Malaysia. Melaka’s riverwalk area is dotted with bridges and eating spots much like the riverwalk here. People sit outside at tables and get ice cream there and simply watch. Perhaps time stretches out for them past minutes and hours. They maybe realize they have priceless moments to garner experiences. You can reach there a variety of ways including a large shopping center/mall area if you want but I think its better to just wander through the Alamo blocks and historic city areas to reach the river and its walkways.

I only list the two things because I rebel against writing lists of things but I could also have done this with wandering Hanoi and its maze of streets and Hems and districts keyed to different products to buy. One block has nothing but toys. Small markets dot Hanoi blocks with shopping for clothing but you can find tools, candy, coffee shops and restaurants that dot the landscape.

Let me ask. Have you wandered without the instagram and twitter and just gone to go? I wandered Da Nang so many times that way and found a park with a circular road around it where Vietnamese men sat out over morning coffee and greeted me warmly with waves and smiles. In Tokyo there are more than 5 things to do in a day but there are less too.

My view is settle for less always. Along with this always stay longer. A month in Taipei lets you see more with less.

Today though I cannot do that. I have a day but I will still ignore the travel blogs with their lists and hierarchies. In awhile, when I’m ready I’ll go. Walking to see fewer things but enrich the moments more. Maybe you will join me someday. Consider it. You can retire and do less and sit at the trailer and watch the world spin by. Or you can leave it all behind and be part of the world spinning around outside you. It’s not challenging or requires millions of dollars. It does require a new mindset. Much like the less in seeing places; its the less in having things.

One day in San Antonio Texas beckons. Your life beckons. Take some challenge, get rid of it all. You don’t need cars and property and things. The world can be your retirement haven. Give it some thought. Age is not some limiter. The limitation is what you adopt and propose.

Give it a few thoughts today.

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