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Moving along

I ended a number of train rides across the United States yesterday. It was glorious and full of the little moments. The station in North Dakota. The plains in Montana meeting that big sky. Seeing deserts sweep the view in Arizona. The big cities and beautiful train stations it all came to pass rolling out slowly as it should.

Now I’m on the tail end of the US adventures. I have about a week give or take left before going to Vietnam. People have asked if I’m scared of the coronavirus. I am not. Life goes on with its goods and bads and I have this path to take. Vietnam is the place for me to find the path and the way. A virus is not going to stop me.

I also found I have to say goodbye to someone important in my life. I gather I have higher demands but I value those that do not lie by omission or commission or cheat me. It hurts to make an ending but I require a higher standard in a person and I always will. She could not take any road even the low one. On the flip side someone else entered my life so perhaps each thing cancels out. It’s hard to get old and maintain relationships folks. Especially when you are as contrary and finicky as I am.

I move on and find my way on this path. A year in Vietnam in front of me. Friends there to see. Moments to wander and be that vagabond only now within Vietnam. In May I’ll visit Cambodia because the Kingdom is dear to me and there are people there to see.

Now the road reaches to me. Being solitary is not being lonely. Tomorrow never makes it. Today just reaches forever onward and a path or paths are shown. I’ll the the one. There is nothing wrong or right about a path. Each one presents itself and you make the call.

Now I’m sitting with latte this morning in Seattle. Only three days here. Then a week in San Francisco. Then gone to the edge. Back to where

same same but different

guides me. Where life is different and full and has demands and needs and fulfillments to exercise.

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