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Hanoi Vietnam beckons

I made it back. Back to this small corner of a world that flips all the dials for me. Makes mornings feel better with bowls of pho and strong Vietnamese coffees and no rush to reach a thing.

It’s different to realize that I won’t wander but like I told a Vietnamese friend,

I’m home

She just laughed and told me Vietnam welcomes me back.

There’s a compelling mystery and wonder to life here and I know it’s where I belong. For the next year it’s wherever in Vietnam I wish. I am very thankful to be able to get a year visa in this wonderful, mysterious and sometimes strange place.

Look for posts like usual on the everyday of it all. I’ll walk this city, take pictures with the iPhone 11 and give it all back to you with stories, diatribes, detritus of a life spent on the edge.

For now I am so grateful to return. I needed this place and it’s pace. Life proceeds slower now. Roosters crow at dawn out my window. I see tourists flocking to the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. I sit across the street in a small coffee house. I feel millions of miles separate us. But this is my Vietnam. Only mine. No tourist or backpacker here. Just an old retired guy making his moments.

Stay tuned. More to follow. I’m home.

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