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The days of incredible lightness

When I came back to the edge I knew what I wanted. It was the lightness of time not scheduled or tracked or even planning a next country to see and walk. I knew life would settle down in Vietnam wherever I lived. Vietnam is made for a person to live slowly. Neighborhoods have small cafes and coffee shops. Bakeries and pho stands. Small stores selling everything. I never go far to find a thing.

It creates a basic life for me that is easier, cheaper, and I simply love how all of it fits easily together. I live in a room now sharing mostly with Vietnamese renters. I’ve come to realize a room is perfect for me. I get the best of things and pay the least.

There is the lightness of life being throttled down to basics. Where life is not measured by passport stamps or visas. I can fly around in Vietnam for cheap. About $50 round trip to Saigon and back to Hanoi.

There are the people I care about from south to north here. All within reach now. Mostly it’s this edge of life where nothing is something, no inexorable creep of days or time. Just a coffee shop and a cool morning to keep my moments.

Perhaps just perhaps this is what retirement was always meant for us. We all should be able to have that lightness of being. A soul and heart and mind not constrained with worry, with debt, with the crush of things. A lightness and wonder in one small piece of the world.

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