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Coronavirus and Hanoi

Today Vietnam got its 17th and 18th cases. One quarantined from a flight from Korea and one after traveling Europe. In the second case, Hanoi has shutdown a part of the district she lives in. No one comes or goes. Now she is hospitalized after being administered the test for the virus. Yes Vietnam has a plan and they go about the treatment I believe very efficiently. People are generally not worried here and trust the city government to do the right things. I would much rather be here than in the US facing their issues. It just feels Vietnam has not politicized the virus and instead has plans to deal with people and communities.

So my friend Lily that lives in south Vietnam by the Mekong delta messaged me about the problems and really wanted me to leave. I gave this a lot of thought and decided to stay. There are a few reasons. I do not feel at hazard of catching the virus. I feel safe with what the government does and their steps to combat the problems. I am not going to turn and run. This is my home. I would hate leaving Hanoi.

So when I look at the next 2 months here nothing for me changes. At some point the Coronavirus thing passes. Whether life ever goes back to normal who knows. I do know after reading the “hunches and gut feels” of the US President I would much rather hear science and reality and live in a place where science and method works. The Vietnamese government takes concrete steps. Trump goes on a tear about a governor asking to hear reality and reporting from experts. I’ll leave it to your imagination which one is the most valid. What is needed is not a stable genius but stable science and experts.

So here is better in so many ways. I feel safe here and I feel the Vietnamese government practices both standard and proactive methods to protect people. Not stupid hunches from someone who has a feel for this stuff.

Finally here in Hanoi I am happy. My neighborhood, the people, the market down the street. So here I will stay. I won’t run away to another city when I feel safe here and, most of all, happy here.

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