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As the photography turns

Awhile back I had decided to lighten my load and drop the overly heavy Tortuga Outbreaker travel backpack in favor of lighter. I ended up with an Eagle Creek travel bag that weighs significantly less and is much easier to either check or carry on. To get there a few things changed:

  1. Dedicated camera, lens, batteries and cables was ditched in favor of an iPhone 11. The iPhone has proven to be an excellent daily shooter for me. The loss of basically pounds of camera gear meant an easier daily carry.
  2. Ditched the 12 inch MacBook 2017 model and it’s terrible charger. I also lost a multi port type c dongle I had bought so I could get some ports back. This lessened the daily carry by pounds again.
  3. Purchased an iPad Air 2019 model and the Apple Smart Keyboard. I wanted a device with lightning chargers. It’s just easier to manage a single type of power connector between devices.
  4. Found a multi port international travel adapter that took the place of two other things. Score some minor weight loss and more convenience
  5. Got rid of some clothing and bought other lighter weight t shirts. In Asia you don’t need sweat pants and most often you don’t need a hoodie.
  6. Lost the daypack and replaced with a everyday carry bag by NutSac. Crazy name. Really fine bag. Now I don’t look like a backpacker or digital nomad with the two backpack setup. Airplanes, buses and trains much easier and the bag is tough as hell.

The real result of all this is a life devoid of most things. Things that do not matter or make no sense or I decided to leave behind. But now I get the camera gear back in a week. I must decide what I do. I don’t feel like I need a dedicated camera. The iPhone 11 is plenty of fun and so easy to use. It takes RAW images if I want and there are excellent pro apps that complement it like ProCamera. I only use the default app now for quick things or its night mode.

I’m not a photographer and have never claimed to be one. I do enjoy the art and science of it but I decry the labels and the canon or Sony with the 10 foot long lens. I want to record the things not carry around dead weight all day. That’s just me. Your mileage will vary.

The ultimate and wonderful joy of having almost nothing always wins. Life is not about accumulating things or bemoaning the lack of them and desiring more. For me it’s about simplicity and being a realist. No BS minimalist labels need apply. Life is not a label folks. It’s moments heaped on moments. People you find that give and that you take from and they take what you give freely. People have dropped away from me but my path is pretty clear to me. I need less that means more not more that means less.

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