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Moments Enough To Do

The borders are shut here in Vietnam. No one in on new visa and if you have existing you quarantine. I’ve realized awhile now Vietnam is a haven in all this stuff. The authorities are reasonable and prudent and tell people the truth. Life in Saigon now goes on. People observe the basic rules. I’m lucky I would say to be in this particular country with a year visa at this time. There are moments to do.

In my little corner time is not really real. It clocks and minutes and hours only matter rarely. I go to coffee shops and pho stands and walk alone and take pictures. I sometimes chat with Vietnamese friends online and more often now with my daughter living in Florida. Life there is a hurdle for her. Limited income, food and supplies getting hard to get and observe social distancing. So she suffers a bit but learns more. Perhaps it makes her more resilient and independent. It definitely instills a fear in her.

I don’t look forward too far and never have since leaving years ago. It’s easier for my moments to just come and show themselves.

I leave for Hanoi tomorrow. Glad to be going. It’s a two hour flight from Saigon. Then a taxi to my neighborhood and a short walk home. Back to a quiet existence. Moments to come whether ill spent or not. I’m flush with them.

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