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New Day Dawns

I don’t know if I will write every day. Overnight the Vietnam government announced a lock on all people entering. Also there are no international flights going or coming into Vietnam now. So life in this closely knit fabric of countries called Southeast Asia has changed both individually and collectively. The new reality is that there is no “life as usual” and that fabric of life, people, history and customs has frayed along many lines.

Life in Hanoi which is what I write about more now is like this:

  1. Many coffee shops and restaurants are open and serve me with the same hospitality and friendliness as before. I can easily find international and local food close to where I live.

  2. Food is easy to find and one can shop at the small stores or go to markets for fresh stuff. I can find apples, oranges, pineapple, all kinds of meat and poultry and a lot of coffee and rice.

  3. People in Hanoi are a gregarious lot. Early evenings are marked with visits to parks, exercise sessions, eating and visiting. I see this every evening and at the local coffee shops I frequent.

  4. Life is not hard here at all. In fact it’s pretty carefree. No one curtails movement and everyone voluntarily accepts the government limits and conditions.

  5. I go for solitary walks every day. Now I take my FujiFilm X-T30 camera because I’m enjoying using it again. I get 5 miles a day walking. I have the streets I know with government presence but I never have felt unsafe in Vietnam. Walking or shopping in my neighborhood has been the same.

All that being said I yearn for the freedom again to just go. I’d like to make it to Cambodia in May. We shall see.

coffee shop times

Now I am at my favorite coffee shop. I had a fresh almond croissant and a hot latte. I will stay for one more. They welcome me gladly and I just sit. Sometimes longer and often even longer. It’s a wonderful shop with numerous rooms and a balcony if you want. I sit in the corner and relax on their WiFi which is free and just read or think of the day. I made a decision to try and not reflect on tomorrow. To just take it every day. I’m grateful to be here. I’m in no rush for a thing but perhaps that yearning to know at some point I’m free to go. I think that part is human nature.

So from here on you will see more of my day to day here. The Day One journal and the blog kinda blur together. Hanoi still moves. Bikes and buses go. People still treat me with that legendary hospitality or close to it.

For all I am thankful. A new day has come.

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