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Away from coronavirus blog post

It’s Monday so a new week here in Hanoi. Today I decided to switch back to the FujiFilm X-T30 camera from my iPhone 11. Maybe because of new firmware that landed or that I need to do stuff a bit different. I don’t take challenges or have goals or responsibilities any more. They are counter productive to my slothful well being. Instead I find something for awhile or longer I want to go do. I decided last night to go do the camera and practice and learn more again on it. It’s a fine piece of kit and I have two lens for it. Each lens requires learning more as each offers something different. The 18-55mm kit lens is a fine lens. How it’s called a kit lens is a mystery. It does so much! Then there is the F2 35mm prime lens. Fast and furious and this lens shrinks the camera size down.

The X-T30 is likely an excellent all round camera but it’s size and features make it worthy for travel. When you have comparable features to the high end X-T3 camera it makes the cost and use very compelling.

I say all this because the camera offers me learning and fun just like the iPhone photography but not tied to classes or goals or requirements. I go at no pace but my own.

So today when I walk in Hanoi later I will use the camera. I’ll take JPEGs only because I’m lazy and I don’t like editing RAW photos. I will do some study on ISO and make a feeble attempt to get off auto ISO. That’s probably doomed. Because I am lazy and the camera can do the work. I may shoot on program mode too.

but now…

Now is morning and coffee and being retired. I decided to delete an Instagram account that had nothing in it because I hate Instagram. I deleted a twitter account because I cannot tweet. It leaves me with the preferred things to share with others. Perhaps I’ve outlined them before but here they are again,

  1. Mastodon. I like my instance a lot. It’s named and I have a home there. I find mastodon more engaging, often disruptive and friendly. This instance offers photographers or wanna be or maybe something in between the chance to share to the wider world.

  2. Facebook. Only for fun really but most of my Vietnamese friends rely on it. I don’t like or hate it. If it wants to track I was at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum the other day ok. I know I was there too. So go for it.

  3. This blog. The blog fills the desire to communicate and share but not be hammered with categories and followers and likes. Write.As provides a slate for me to fill in each day. It’s words on virtual paper and that’s it. We all know real bloggers use Wordpress. It’s ok. Real photographers use Instagram as well. Right? The blog gives me space in the world to create and discuss and cuss.

Those are the three. Then there is a Day One journal I fill every day. Sometimes I wonder about the intersection of blog and journal. It all turns out somewhat right though. And life in Hanoi goes on anyways. My coffee in the big red cup calls to me.

See you tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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