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Hanoi self distancing thoughts

It’s been a few days of the more extreme social distancing here. Not supposed to leave the house except for food and emergencies or to visit a pharmacy. I’m good with food for awhile and can call Grab for food delivery. Today will do that and get pizza delivered.

What it prompts us thinking and reflection. Some complain about doing nothing but retirement has been exactly that for me for awhile. Some things have bounced around,

photography. I’ve watched a number of YouTube videos on both the iPhone 11 and fuji cameras. I’ve asked myself what are the compelling reasons to stay with either one. I cannot find a reason given what I do with photography to heft around the fuji camera at all. There is no value added to having it for me and I dislike having it exist in almost isolation from the workflow around taking photographs, some editing. And sharing photographs and then backing them up to google photos. Everything is an effort with the camera. The remote app is crap. Getting photos off requires adapters and removing the SD card and importing. The final result is still the same. I cannot tell the difference between photos taken with the iPhone and fuji camera. Before the lockdown I went out walking around Hanoi. Here is some stuff I managed to see. All little things caught in small worlds with the iPhone 11. Why do I need more?

vagabonding Asia. I’m glad I stopped wandering last year and decided longer term stays every three months visiting either a new place or a place I love like Malaysia or Cambodia. Little did I know how life and the ability to just wander the countries would change. Now I am in Vietnam until August because I’ll extend my stay by 3 months. I hope then I can go as I want.

people and relationships. I’ve never been very good at either. Getting old makes me more set in my ways. If you and I don’t give and take something of value from each other and mutually agree to the trade it’s not for me. There is never something for nothing. Friendships and people and relationships are not exempted.

blogging and social media. I decided awhile ago that the Instagram self portrait website and the twitter world were not for me. I got rid of accounts on those sites because a presence on them had no upside. I settled on blogging here, mastodon and Facebook. I take blogging seriously and I can’t believe really what has happened to it. Gone are the days of creating for its own value. Now are the days to only make money and get a niche and self proselytize. There is no going back but I found Write.As to let me find some of the old back. When we wrote to create and to share and link to others. Mastodon is simply fun and I can find so many people of diverse interests in a federated world. My instance is focused on photography but it’s the fediverse. You can find whatever. Finally FB is just for fun. I use it because friends use it. If it wants to track that I was at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum three days ago it’s ok. I know I was there too and I purposefully checked in. I also use it to track my wandering ways. Food, shopping, travels. I have an imperfect record so where I was. All good because I ain’t perfect either.

And finally…

Remembering and Capturing. I think in the days of covid it’s important to capture and remember. These are amazing days we are in. I want to remember the little things so I focus now on Day One for these things. I got rid of a notes application because I don’t use it for any of the things. I added journals to get to the things important to me. It’s all imperfect because I am. And that is ok too.

So there you have the remonstrations from the day. A day captured and remembered. My day caught at a moment of nothing in a lot of moments of nothing that I will make into something. I don’t want goals or tasks or responsibilities. I don’t desire property or debt. What I need I have. What I want I consider and often let go. If it does not fit it’s gone. It’s left a life of few material things but richness of moments. Moments I create and dispose of at a whim.

All brought together by Saturday and Hanoi and moments to spare.

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