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Sunday blog post

Yes it’s Sunday. I’m writing this in Ulysses on my iPhone. I decided on a whim to go back to one thing for all. I get rid of two apps and the little wall between them for a single thing that does about 90% of what I want. I can’t really publish the post directly to but I can have a more comfortable experience writing.

Hanoi Goes On

I ran into my South African housemate and we talked about the usual things. Covid-19 and Vietnam visas and extensions. He has two more weeks but will get an extension. I have a month. Cambodia has taken a more humane position on visa extensions and just give automatic extensions. Vietnam likes the money from the agents. I will pay $400 for an extension. That’s more than the flight and an ER extension of stay for a year in Cambodia. Trouble is I am not sure in May if the border opens and I can just go. We both agreed to go day by day. Perhaps this is the very thing many of us retired folk living in Southeast Asia are faced with. Can’t go here or can go but can’t go back. Interesting times to say the least.

Summing it all up

The intention of the blog has always been to document my meanderings both physical and mental as I both wandered and now am staying put in Vietnam. I entertained the idea of writing something longer for other folks that want an out from a place like the US. Truth is people focus on the younger travelers but there many more of us than you think. We also need encouragement to go and see. Just because we are old does not mean we have lost all desire to go and see and dream. Age has no bearing on dreams or desire. Somehow though we are lumped into some category of “old and worn out”. Truth is we are more viable for Southeast Asian countries. We may have retirement income and stability. But the real thing is we want homes and a fun and interesting life. Countries like Cambodia, Malaysia , Vietnam and Laos get it. I don’t think Thailand gets anything. To me it’s a huge disappointment there. There is no land of smiles. It’s the land of expats and retirees stamped with dollar signs on their backs.

I go on to the beat of my life slow or fast or just going day by day during these days. I call out what I see both good and bad. The blog has always meant that. I don’t wish for readers or likes. Popularity or ads or affiliates or subsidies to post. You want words? I have those.

See you next time.

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