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A week left...

There is a week left until our two week maximum distancing period ends. It gives time to think a lot about life on a very small scale. Like the geometry and shape of this room. The cat meows outside my door. People coming and going. Yesterday I bought dinner from Grab Food. Today is instant noodles later. I’m so used to walking hours each day and being outside so I started exercising in the room for 30 minutes.

I also decided a few things.

  1. Staying on in Hanoi for three more months. There’s no magical potion or lamp to tell the future. I think three more months will make it easier to do a visa run.
  2. Relationships seem a blessing and bane of my existence. I am not good at them and I see my failures are many. Perhaps exemplified during this social distancing period. On the good side one person left with no explanation but I gained someone else who perhaps needs me more. It’s all hazy sometimes because I am not really good at interpersonal dynamics.
  3. Writing and creating content has been something for a long time I’ve wished to make easier. I don’t like the barriers between apps on iOS. What makes a thing a diary or journal tool versus a note or writing tool? Why do some use this and others that? I know! Personal need. Reviewers and experts only know how they use a thing and what the thing is supposed to do. But only for them. All of us are really left with a wonderful universe of apps but how we use is up to us. I figured out one thing. Clear text and markdown rules.
  4. Photography is not what someone else on YouTube says is best. There are no experts on what works for you besides you. Perhaps a DSLR or mirrorless camera is not for you. Maybe it’s knobs and dials only get in the way and block your moments. Do you care about ISO and aperture priority or shutter speed or shooting RAW? It all depends on your needs and wants. I thought through this a few times. I want the ease and speed of actually getting a moment. Then perhaps editing the moment and then sharing the moment. When I realized a dedicated camera for me got in the way it became easier to find my way. All the reviews on the world cannot tell you what works best for you.

I also have had time to consider if Vietnam is a long term thing for me. I don’t know. I do know I feel that 2020 with covid-19 has been a major change to things. The rest will come as the dust clears from the next moments.

Wishing you all well. Stay safe. Be happy. Eat and drink well. Watch an old 50s sci-fi movie. Works for me! 😀

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