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Meditation considerations

I normally don’t do reviews so I won’t this time. Here are some things though to consider. Things for me only. Things about me only. Your mileage may surely vary. You are probably smarter, more able, with better abilities than me and you can perhaps handle things. I can too. I have perhaps a simpler life than you though. What I own fits in a 35L travel bag. Lots of clothes? No. Electronics stuff? No way. Other physical stuff? Nope. Debt? None really. So maybe I know something after all. I live in a room in Hanoi where things are relatively safe. Nowhere is safe now. You been to nowhere?

What I’m getting to is even with a somewhat reclusive life and one where admissions are closed to entry, I have feelings and desires and dreams. Yep! The old retired guy dreams. Not of fanciful success in any world. Or acceptance even. I really don’t give a rats ass if you accept me or not. See? No comments or likes. No ads. These are my News, Views and Subterfuge. Been that same way with the same blog name and title for over a decade.

Here’s the final thing to consider. We all need something in this. Whether it’s a person, a thing, a desire. Whatever. Age does not discriminate for desire and wants and needs.

I uncovered a need. Yep. Actually with writing a journal using Day One awhile ago I found a need. I simply needed to write the journal.

Blogging also became more and less. I found satisfaction and joy moving away from Wordpress to Write.As. So blogging after 20 years became something different. I rail against the blogger elite now because I would like to see, in my need, a return to the days of authors creating words and ideas, sharing them, linking to mine. But I know now this is unfulfilled. That’s ok. We can’t always get what we want. But we do get what we need. That brings us to the point after journals and blogging.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Yep. Meditation is not sitting in a dark room in some arcane position mumbling words. Or even following some person that will lead you to enlightenment or acceptance. It’s, to use a tired phrase perhaps, a journey. Not the destination. But the way to get there. It’s breathing. Yes. Breathing. The simple thing we all can do. It’s learning to see yourself. Your feelings and emotions. Your needs and wants. Not denying the feelings. Or the words. Or the thoughts that bang around sometimes with abandon. It’s accepting, seeing, and understanding them. It’s creating some bit of space to let them be. And then not dismissing them or killing them off.

So while I have just started a voyage with this I have also seen it’s importance to what I want and need. In the day to day battle we confront we court wants and needs. Our feelings. Our emotions. Our instincts. For me it’s mere moments to see them, accept them, understand them but also create the space for it all.

It’s not sitting cross legged and mumbling words. It’s being alive and dealing with life. Perhaps you don’t need this but I have found I do. These are troubling and difficult times. We are hit by a thousand points of darkness each day in every news cycle. My advice?

Take some you time.

I won’t end up recommending an app. I use one called Calm. You may find another. For me, the app must fit my need. I have found this app does. You have to find your path. Perhaps you don’t need any of this. That’s great!!

It makes me slowly feel better, confront emotions that still sometimes bang around, and feel that I too have a journey even if stopped for awhile in Hanoi. It’s a question not of wants but needs.

What do you need?

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