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Mindfulness matters

I’ve come to the conclusion we live in trying times. Times that beset us with agonizing realities that only months ago some politicians said did not exist or were fables. We reach a plateau where life and thought and solitude have become social distancing. Solitude to me is,

being alone because you want to be

Social distancing just reaffirms the choices some oftentimes hermit like me is prone to make. I’m not a community guy. I want a certain life of simplicity but I want sometimes to see other people. Just not too close. Whether social distancing applies or not. I just don’t like most people.

So the whole idea of meditation stole upon me awhile ago. Not meditation with legs crossed and mumbling phrases. I wanted what I will call rich content. I wanted the tapestry and form of modern meditation. It’s peace. The breaths in and out. The dealing with finding space. Most of all finding me. Because these times are crazy and a old retired guy needs…


Yes I do. It brings me back and sends me forward. But I felt to expand what I truly wanted I still needed movement aside from walking. I love the 12k steps a day I soon will be doing since Vietnam has lifted the social distancing directives that closed everything down. But another thing. I needed to find a method to move my old muscles and bones another way.

It’s always a journey and not a destination for me. So enter restorative yoga. The yoga for old folks that still want the moves. I decided as usual I had no goals but I wanted moments to sink in and reach out. Yoga offers both. It’s also a solitary thing for me with the excellent Down Dog app on my iPhone 11.

The Result

There is none. The old muscles and bones in the old retired guys body take days. The old mind encased in the old body takes days. Walking returns soon which is a moving mindfulness for me.

I decided to simply enhance it all and offer something to myself that let me see the other sides.

Is it for you? I don’t know. I don’t know your journey. Maybe you will find a similar itch to scratch. I can say there is a larger measure of peace and acceptance but it does not change the “you” in things. I still want less people in my circles but I want more of the things now that matter. And one of them is mindfulness.

Because it does matter. To me.

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