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Monday Morning in Hanoi

It’s 5 days after Vietnam lifted the enhanced social distancing limits. Today finds me in a small coffee shop next to where I live. I first started next door to my place at my local pho shop. The lady greets me every time with smiles and knows what I want. She makes some of the best pho ever!

Today is Moc Coffee where the lady and her husband say hello to me every morning even if I don’t go in. I can sit for an hour and dream my Vietnam dreams. It’s easier with putting down worries about where and when. I will stay here until August. Here in Hanoi. Perhaps I will visit Saigon in June. I would like to get to Can Tho to see a friend there. Most of all though I’m set here. The neighborhood places know me. The market ladies know the fruit I will want. Pineapples, apples and mangos. Maybe some banana. Life slows down. Rich content heightens.

A morning meditation

Lay still. Breathe in and out. Find the place. The mix of thoughts and letting them go. Hear the kids playing and laughing. Running to the beat of a basketball. Rooster chimes in. I lay listening to it all but not acting on it. It’s like moments I have but let go. I’ve found a measure of peace and acceptance but with a lot of questions still. Meditation truly is taking the thoughts that come rumbling and dealing but not fixating on them. I can hear the voices and the drumbeat is breaths and heart and feeling this wonderful sense of interplay with all. Not sure of the time. Time doesn’t exist anyways so I let it go.

My moments are ending. I decide that on a whim. Eyes flutter open. Room spins back. No hurry. No predisposition.

back to coffee

Hanoi has a blue sky this morning. Leaves wag outside the coffee shop. Almost inviting to walk farther. I will go today. I’ll walk to a place not near or far.

It’s a morning. A Monday morning in Hanoi. Time well spent with nothing. Blogging is a empty canvas. Words strike down. Virtual ink left. Motorbikes zoom by and young Vietnamese laugh outside. We are all glad to have this easy and simple moment back. A coffee shop on a Monday.

Maybe tomorrow never comes. And that’s good. Today is a measure enough for one old retired guy.

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