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Travel Dreams

Perhaps a more introspective post instead of the thrum of daily life in Hanoi.

I miss the every three month going or even sooner. In 2019 I hopped around to so many places. Start of the year was Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Then back to Cambodia. After that three months wandering Vietnam south to north and back to Cambodia. Then off to Laos for a month. Back to Cambodia and maybe Vietnam. Then flew to Taiwan for months. Of all the wandering I look at Taiwan as the best. It’s the confluence of culture, history, people, food and technology there. That wrapped up 2019 except for one more few week visit to Saigon. An interesting year of hoboing around.

This year I would have gone to the Middle East but cancelled the whole thing and came back to Vietnam in February after weeks in the US. I knew I should not go and when I see the global impact of covid-19, I’m glad I came back.

So someone would ask maybe,

what did you learn?

The answer is nothing. I did not go to learn anything. There’s nothing I expected or demanded from the voyages or destinations. I only wanted moments and experiences and a photograph or three. I did not want to find out a thing but in the end I did find things out. Things about people I had believed in or at least wanted in my life. Things about places. Some good and some bad. Things about me. So the final thing is with vagabonding is I did not set out to learn but what I received and took was so much more.

It’s not travel or being a tourist when you have no destination in mind. It’s not being a nomad or a backpacker when that label slips off or feels odd. Living on the edge is more than all the millennials with their expensive backpacks and wondrous blogs ever see. It comes down for me to movement itself. Either purposeful or with none. Flying or taking a bus or train. It’s the sensation of homelessness and no place to be and all day to get there.

This feeling has exemplified itself in retirement for me. Every day I walk the miles, do the mindfulness and I know. I’m meant to not have destinations. It may take longer this time to reach a place but there is a place out there. No one knows which one and I’ve learned with meditation it’s okay and even good. I’ve learned a bit of equanimity in all this. My vagabonding around is purposeless yet it has purpose. It’s timeless yet it has a millennium of moments.

August comes and new and old arrives. No fear or acceptance. Just my moments and my travel dreams.

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