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It’s the beer talking

I went out to drink tonight by West Lake. Over at Kens cafe they serve ice cold Hanoi beers. Then they offer a glass with ice cubes. It’s all about comfort and enjoyment and the evenings setting in. Slowly the sun dips down and the lake crystallizes into evening moods. I’m transported thanks to the beer to life on the edge. Here and there. Life spent wandering and hoboing. Not always that way. There were bad decades. Days of hate and anger and divorce. Jobs with no tomorrow and no hope. IT is a terrible mistress. It stings and hurts and casts you down when you need it the most.

But I surmounted. I found the path away. It led me years ago to a world on the edge. Life made of fun and mystery. The beer may be talking now. But I tell you that there is more to life than a flip of the coin or another cloud project. Look beyond. What do you really want? I wanted a life on my own terms. Do nothing or something. I managed it all. Now I sit in a room in Hanoi Vietnam, partially drunk and yet see the path that evolved. We make choices. Bear the results. I’ve found things you may never. Lost things you may never. In the end it’s not the beer talking although I am feeling so good after numerous Hanoi beers.

Just take a look at what you want. Can you get there? I found my way. Now its wonderful Vietnam. Today. Tomorrow. A time. Moments adrift. Time well spent. Hand me that beer.

Good night.

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