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Saigon and the saga of beer and the stolen iPhone 11

Yeah. That’s real. Went out with my friend lily to drink and eat. We did that. The drinking part especially. Then in a moment of weakness I took the phone out and… the phone was snatched by a guy on a motorbike. So had to get new phone. I bought the iPhone 11 Pro 256gb model. Had to get a case and new SIM card too. Took care of everything at a technology store in Saigon. At the same time had to remote erase the stolen phone using Find My. It was done when the phone connected to mobile data.

In years here never had that happen. Wandered around many so called dangerous cities. I was warned of Bangkok, Phnom Penh and a bunch of others. It took beers and weakness. I was never warned about Singapore or most cities in Malaysia and Taiwan stands out in my mind of true safety day or night. I never had problems a bit drunk or sober anywhere.

Now in Saigon for one more night then back to Hanoi. I did a few things I wanted here and since I never plan things the things wanted are my only things. Yesterday I went for a nice walk, did some peaceful meditation and yoga in my room and decided nothing. The new iPhone is nice. The camera setup and quality of the photographs is fun. It’s smaller and the screen is a delight to use.

I’ll be glad to be back home tomorrow. Hanoi is more my speed. Slower, easier, and more fun to explore.

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