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Saturday morning Hanoi style

Life goes on after a few beers and then a few more last night. I went to Kens Coffee and had the sunset but got hungry so went to this Doner Kebab stand. They make excellent sandwiches and cost about $2. Then dropped at market and got two more beers and some cheap chips. Ended up back in room with the food and beer. So I ate and drank.

Now I’m at breakfast place where I always get the toast with avocado, bacon and egg and nice sliced tomatoes. Good basic stuff and a iced coffee gives me Saturday.

Today is a nothing day. Like all days. I watch the movements of the tay ho expats and retirees and I’m not them. I don’t like or need or want them. They move in their circles and the retirees move in theirs. There’s nothing to say to them. They seem a galaxy away from me. So I sip my iced Vietnamese coffee and watch Saturday evolve right next to West Lake. At one point I had wanted to be in Cambodia on a retirement extension but they did not happen. I’ve learned with some bit of meditation to acknowledge the things and let them go. It fits with my overall lifestyle well. Do I go here or there in the future? I know the answer.

I don’t know and right now it does not matter

yoga and meditation

They don’t teach. They show. You can follow or not. I will say what you can get for a small admission is more from life. Or less from life. What is it you want? I wanted less. Then got more. Your mileage may vary.

wrapping up Saturday

Not in a pretty bow. Or looking ahead. There’s no ahead to look I have found. No future worth sacrificing for and no past to be sorry about. There is now. This moment in Hanoi. Letting the persistent “what if” thoughts go is still work for me. I have tools now through. We all are plagued with them. They sacrifice us to altars of shame and responsibility and effort. You can acknowledge the thoughts and create space though.

Just a little for the you you want to have.

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