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Getting to One - Day One

After my last post here on finding the old diary entries archived away, I decided that having two apps to record one life was one too many. The one place I spend every day is Day One. I write a diary post on my life, maybe discuss some ideas, perhaps photography. But hold forth in two apps? I have been meditating and thinking on making decisions and being happy. There’s no point in plotting out either any longer. No point in long discussions with maps and outlines. When I reached this view I knew creating and maintaining content in Bear Notes was not something I needed. Or wanted. I don’t need complex plans and discrete documents on “what if” scenarios or to decide to hop a train or bus to Haiphong town on 15 August. I just decide and go.

So I get to One. Day One. And I feel liberated from the false imprisonments of notes that I never really dealt with. I’m a firm believer in journals and diaries to capture, reveal, illuminate, and define the truth, lies, thoughts and vagaries of this life. I don’t need little word bunkers that I slouch behind and try to justify by writing in them every so often. There is no workflow or information flow or diagram where things go and never really has been. There’s me and the tags of my life. The few possessions of an old retired guy now in Vietnam.

I got away from a last idea of the right tool for the job. I have no job. Now i move on in this moment. The less tools the better. Life is not defined by how many tools you have. It’s more defined by what you are spending the moments doing. For me, I capture all that in Day One. There is no process. No multiple journals which just cause hints at organizations. There is me walking to breakfast soon. Riding a bus or train and seeing more of Vietnam. Most of all finding equanimity with the sometimes rush of thoughts and feelings. Day One gives me space much like mindfulness does. Ain’t that better?

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