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Chapter 3 - It’s the Quality

This is the last post. I sum up the leaving, the edge, the why and how with the big piece. Life may have two pieces either defining or not. Quality and quantity. Each either offers or detracts from the moments. What we really have is not time. We have moments and experiences that define the moments. In meditation it’s equanimity. In yoga it’s arriving. No matter what it’s you getting there. You kinda decide what bridge to cross. Do you want a lot of things or things that matter. Matter to you. Sometimes you choose the quantity because having lots seems like a no brainer. You can revel in all the stuff. What I’ve found is quantity matters little. You want the being there. The arriving. Or as Pooh Bear said the today when he asked piglet what day it was. There’s no sense in taking lots. Lots won’t fit. Lots does not give you the other badge. It just creates a sense of having. Having more. Then more. And then more. In the end all of it avails you not. When I left the quantity all went away to goodwill or Salvation Army. It would not fit in the 45L bag.

What was left is quality. You heard of it before right?

The quality of life

We know to have less often gives more of what matters. More freedom, more spontaneity, more experiences not worrying about all the crap.

When I left the quantity left. I had decided early that collared shirts and fancy shoes and docker trousers were not part of my experiences. Instead I found that quality of life has no bearing on quantity. A few things that matter will always win out over thousands of things that don’t. I don’t believe money is an exception. You can have kazillions of dollars. Find your future with the money. I’m not convinced all of that really contributes to a life like mine or perhaps the one you will take on your edge. Everyone has an edge you see and they find their quality of life on it. Mine is in Southeast Asia but now Vietnam. Yours may be elsewhere. Perhaps you should search for the quality of your existence and see what’s inside it. It may surprise you.

I won’t tell you that five tours in 10 days in Taipei is the answer nor will I tell you that all those millennial bloggers and nomads know. No one truly knows whether a week in Bangkok is sufficient or not. It’s when you go and find the quality. Perhaps your quality of life is in Kampot Cambodia. Look around, see things. Find yours.

This has been my little story. Not about countries and tours and continent counts. That’s not quality. That’s quantity. Find the other elusive thing.

Maybe you don’t take the challenge. Ok. No one forces you. This is the end of my story though. Perhaps you picked up on a thing or three but likely not. It’s all ok. After all it is my edge. Not yours.

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