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Day Two in Da Nang

Welcome to my second day here in beautiful and warm Da Nang. The sky opens up with it’s morning blue colors and my hotel is the most comfortable and bed welcomes me. It’s like I remembered from last time here. Finally a soft bed in the land of rock hard beds in Vietnam. I wonder why all the beds are hard. I wanted to relate a fun moment last night getting back to the hotel after eating and drinking at the Italian pub I went to. The ladies at the front desk remember me and will always smile and greet me. The older lady smiled the biggest at me and told me how cute I was with the beard. I told her she was my favorite and they all laughed. These people. These Vietnamese people especially here are the most warm and authentic I have seen. Many speak very good English here but its the mood and smiles and waving and saying hello wherever I go here. A bus driver offering me a bottle of water, younger girls at a coffee shop smiling. City workers waving and saying hello.

Now since I write this in Bear Notes, I can add or change easily to my day two note here. I’ll go for coffee down by Han River since its simply beautiful there each day to me. There is a new coffee shop or cafe to try that is appealing to me. Today will walk the city as I like and cross one of the many bridges. Have I mentioned lately that I love bridges? They are more than simply traffic enablers. They are the way to get in life from the now to then too. In Kaohsiung Taiwan I marveled at its bridges. Here the bridges light up the night still and create patterns of beauty and elegance. Da Nang is a city of beauty day or night. Now I go off to coffee somewhere. This will be more of a daily diary type blog post so will add to it through the day. One of the nice things of using a decent editor that synchronizes on iCloud.

Breakfast was fun. I tried to visit a few of the banh mi places I used to go to. All closed. I found a nice little cafe down an alley where I got a fresh pork banh mi and a large mug of iced Vietnamese coffee with milk for about $2. I also got a lot of smiles from people there. Now back in my room again with the AC going and time to relax and perhaps write some here and maybe start a story of sorts about three years in Southeast Asia. I have felt the urge to write the other part of the story down. Not the how and why and quality but the trip report of sorts. I feel like I can do this now. I’ve done the places I wish here and even a few I did not. Trips to Thailand, Malaysia countless times, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia living, and Vietnam living. All of the places offered me something. Something given and something taken away. What I’ve taken away is that for everything there is a time. Kinda like the old song like this,

To everything turn, turn, turn There is a season turn, turn, turn And a time to every purpose Under heaven A time to be born, a time to die A time to plant, a time to reap A time to kill, a time to heal A time to laugh, a time to weep

After breakfast I sauntered over one of the beautiful bridges of Da Nang. The city has perhaps 5 bridges. Maybe more. You can walk over most of them. The Han River courses underneath. At night the bridges all light up in a chorus of beauty. Today though I walked from one bridge to the other and stopped for a Mango Smoothie along the way back. I ended up back in my room and did some email and some writing and then headed to dinner for pizza at Aroma Pizza. I had wanted something else but it was closed so Aroma does nice for pizza. Then stopped for beer and water and back to finish so I could post the day two blog post and also Share the photos. It’s easier to just share them on google photos than trying to use the photo sharing app.

Now I’m done with day 2 and it has occurred me that this is likely my last time in Da Nang. Many places I could care less. I did not particularly for Bangkok so left early. I loved Taipei and Kuala Lumpur and most of all Georgetown Malaysia. But that tiny voice that propels me forward also seems to think I won’t be back this way yet again. It’s okay. The beer is cold. The music plays. Wifi is good. I’ll just enjoy what I have and don’t have. I think by now you know both of the things if you’ve read along here awhile.

Tomorrow my retrospective of so many visits to Da Nang over the years. Perhaps you should tune in then :-).

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