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Finding the New and the Changed

I’m back from Da Nang and a few people asked the why question. Why change. Why do something new? They most likely do not read this puny attempt so I’ll send them the link. Many affirm to not read blogs any longer. It’s ok. We all have avenues of expression and paths of dialogue. I wanted to discuss the new and changed with you a bit though. I’ve done thinking on this many times as I’ve hoboed around Asia. Even 12 years ago living in Chennai India for awhile took me to both places although then I had no idea of the events to transpire. The new things then were so different in scope. The changes they would unravel would shake foundations at least to me. Divorce, hatred, antipathy, blame, infidelity. All were things that came knocking at my door of change. Fast forward to a few years ago. There was never any doubt to me I would go. I also knew both the new and the changed lose their shiny coat of paint. We are human and are wanting, passionate, needing things. If you don’t want new and change, you have dropped out of what life brings. So let’s drill down and perhaps you find a thing or see something. Maybe not. If not you can leave any old time 😃.

The new

So we are often afraid of the new. Untested. Never tried. Perhaps somewhat invisible. It sneaks up on us just when we think all is stable. And that’s the problem you see. We are not meant for stability. We need the new and often. It needs to threaten, cajole, frighten us or it’s a shimmering cloud of possibilities. Even us old folks need the new. The new thing. The new moment. The new person. It creates questions. It makes us look for answers. We adapt and adopt.

The new then becomes,

The change

Frightening eh? Change can seem mysterious and abrupt or slow and fanciful. It can over or underwhelm us with its presence or lack. One thing for certain, no new and no concomitant change results in a void. We just bop around never finding a thing that scares us or thrills us or sends us packing. Both sent me packing for the edge.

But change is not a one trick pony. It dies not yield or force you only once. I’m convinced adopting and adapting then leads to myriad other things that were lower or higher than eyesight.

So it brings us to today and the moment and the desire for new and change. My friend Leon (not real name) tells me he wants nothing but stability. No changes. He is too old for real change. Family things for him are ok but to suddenly create the unknown and untried is frightening to him. He is in his 70s so perhaps it’s understood. We reach an age where we think it’s desired to put down the twin forces of life. It’s like a sand dune in the Mojave Desert ignoring erosion and deposition. It will always be there and it will act. Leon closes his eyes and ears to both things really.

It’s not like that for me. Life and it’s moments and experiences are not so easily shelved and put away like a child’s playthings. In the end, both happen with alacrity and I know it.

So perhaps some understand my desire to go to Ecuador now. I need the very thing in the new and the change. That random quotient so sublime and unknowable. That little voice that whispers. It tells me,

Time to go. It’s time to find the new and the changed

Who am I to argue with little voices?

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