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Changes and Rearranges

Last night having dinner with my Vietnamese friends lots of concern about going back to the US in October. The news is terrible there. Covid-19 on the rise, politics on the downfall, people dying and others complaining it’s all a plandemic. Sorrowful state in the US.

My friend Tu told me it’s not safe to go back and they wish me to stay. I thought on it this morning a lot and decided to cancel my flight back until February. The plan still is to go to Ecuador. I have a immigration lawyer to help me. I know the steps. The decision was though to wait. Tu also works with visas and immigration so he knows the laws. For me nothing really changes. I just stay where I am in my little Airbnb room longer and the host is very happy to have a renter. My friends here and there are relieved. I’m happy. Vietnam has to be one of the safest places in the world now and everything is open. Schools finally opened but many closed for summer. All social and cultural activities are open. There are large social festivals in Hanoi often. It’s like a different universe compared to the US.

My hopes are:

  1. Trump leaves office however he goes. Voluntarily or with armed forces escort. He’s done more and less. More to fuck up our country and less to create value and leadership. We are a laughing stock of many countries. People here do not understand him. He’s got to go.
  2. A vaccine for Covid-19. We must have one. It will be the only way. Humans are social. Social distancing can work but in the end we are social beings needing ties and integrations. I’m sure cultural anthropologists would say so. Can we have those 2m apart? Maybe. I doubt it. We need the interaction and touching.
  3. Travel will come back but base it on verifiable entities or insist on PCR tests and 2 weeks of isolation. Travel bubbles in Southeast Asia should happen. The countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam share more than borders. Culture, histories, trade, tourism, social life. All rely on the ASEAN block open.

So in the end I’m in a bubble. A bubble of no COVID-19 and no social distancing and the never ending wonders of Vietnam. I know a new edge awaits. Whether I get there in January or April it matters not.

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