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Five Years Later

I decided to get the 5 year plan at Write.As today. I’ve been with them for almost a year now. I’ve documented an old retired guy wandering Asia post Wordpress times. I believe in the service and it’s value. was always a push and shove for me. Wanted a feature or a thing. Upgrade. Plugins? Upgrade. Custom themes? Upgrade. I realized during my last moments it was a treadmill of gigantic proportions being on the business plan only to use custom themes and plugins. Once I started questioning that then other things came to mind. I did not like the territory there. I wanted something that took me back to the other days when we blogged because we loved it. Loved the look and thrill of words next to each other. I started so many years ago. Over 20 to be exact. Then it was words. The art and act of creation. I would write for awhile on Advogato and like I wrote once dappled in drupal, mumbled in movabletype and tapped in typepad. was the free one. Setup some services on a machine either physical or virtual and add in the requirements. Many VPS providers give you a one stop shop at this now. But I wanted simpler so came along. Perhaps I bounced between things for years. Many years. Working at startup companies that focused on open source and Linux, prompted me to bounce. But bouncing always means a return. You can jump but you also land. Maybe not in the same spot you started at. A year ago I decided to not jump. I wanted to change. So my friend Mikka Luster then was at Write.As. He maintained and still does wonderful words that find themselves together. Check him out. I have enjoyed his writing and photography and how he weaves them together. And we almost worked together once at Technorati. That’s a different story 😀.

So it brings me in usual old retired guy fashion to spending some dough at Write.As. A labor of love. I still love the words next to each other and ideas laid out mean more to me still. Who knows where 5 years takes a person? I know I’ll leave Vietnam by early next year. After that? Crowded in the mists of moments and experiences yet to come. One thing I feel will happen. I’ll chronicle, complain and document the things only here. It’s all about words and how they line up and mean something.

If you read here, thanks. See you down the road.

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