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Friday Night Takes

I’m sitting at the Mystic Cafe by West Lake. Just finished some nice fried rice and a cold Saigon special beer. It’s a Friday night not that it matters. Weather here is particularly beautiful. Cool breezes thrum along the lake. Small talk erupts from the next table over. Expats on their weekend. It’s easy to sit through beers here when there’s not a thing to do. Being an old retired guy means Friday nights are like Tuesdays. Beer and food and Hanoi and moments. Since I decided to stay here until early next year I just go through the days. Mornings of coffee. Afternoons walking and yoga and meditation. Evenings drinking cold beer that the cafe owner forces on me. Well maybe not. Can not force the willing.

But here it is. A Friday in July. My day slowed way down from earlier out walking. I felt lazy then. Like the Vietnam afternoon granted me a reprieve from longer walking. I could have walked to the Ete Pub for pizza. But no. Too lazy. Too set. Now I’m at Mystic and I remember drinking at sunset in Can Tho. Was that a year ago? My gosh. Moments slip by and become memories.

I think one more beer because Vietnam is an enabler. They have a huge fridge full of Saigon special beers and a freezer with ice cubes. I sit here and write and act and react. Beer and moments and sunsets. Life does not meander by. Sometimes it feels like a step by step. Then I want to blog and journal and find a picture or two from the day. Most of all I take the release. The beautiful beer release that is soft and gentle and lets me peek behind the curtain. But I see nothing. So be it.

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