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Slowing Down in Hanoi

I’ve been here now almost six months. Sometimes it feels like way too long for me. I was writing of change the other day here. While I truly love Vietnam I have no desire to just stay. I can’t just stay anyways. Even with some relaxed visa laws here, one must stay within immigration laws. I can extend my visa two more times. One time will happen in two weeks when I get three more months. I would then wait until mid November and get another three months.


I don’t want that. I need something else. The same ole same ole is becoming too much. I guess the spirit and soul and that little voice I heed tell me to go. It’s time to find another thing that spellbinds me, lets me find small and inconsequential things and maybe friendships along the way. I have been blessed here to find so many wonderful Vietnamese friends. Caring and loving people. Devoted and kind. If you were looking for all the ingredients to create a thing called friendship and family Vietnam has them. But…

The little voice whispers in the evenings and when I walk. It never leaves me but silently reminds me. There’s another corner to find. Another place to dream. Another road to walk. Slow or fast it matters not. It’s this thing inside that lets me know like before. It’s time to go.

I have family here I feel. Wonderful Vietnamese people that care and accept me as I am. Imperfect. Unfinished. A hobo of small alleys and places I’ve held dear that others may merely question. It’s ok though. I understand. My imperfections have always been held to a mirror. Through divorce and loss. Gain. Finding. All is a lens from which the little voice quietly whispers

wrapping up

So there you have it. Change and creation. Little voices that propel my steps. I’ll leave in either November or February. The voice demands.

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