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Writing as the days go by

It’s rainy season now in Hanoi. Sometimes the sky just stays cloudy all day. Temperatures are in the 20s. It’s easier to walk in the evenings but I never know when we will get the usual 30 minutes of rain.

This will go on until September and then we have autumn in Hanoi. Cooler and dry but still a rainy spell every so often. People live here for the seasons I think. Now we are approaching the delightful times in a month or so. For now we have rain every day just about.

writing and blogging and journaling

These things seem to blur together. One thing that does not is note taking. I cannot find the need to write notes. There’s nothing noteworthy. So I removed the Bear notes app. Then there’s blogging. I enjoy blogging most times. What I need is the creation and catharsis. The release in creation with nothing that follows. Write.As serves me well. So does creating posts in a markdown editor. It can’t be automatic like a client would be but I get to work on posts on my iPad and iPhone. It would also let me write things of different consequence. But I don’t desire it. I have a folder called writing in iCloud. Nothing in it besides older stuff. I tried a micro blog and it’s too much. I can’t write any longer in multiple blogs. I also realized from doing blogging so long (now 20 some years) that I don’t fit. My blog is an anachronism or like the old song,

A walking contradiction. Partly truth and partly fiction

So with this in mind a single place to spout my platitudes, diatribe and detritus seems best for me.

Then we come to diaries and journaling. I think this is the sweet spot for me. I can create and my inner thoughts and little voice is encrypted and protected. I sound like a child sometimes, a loner and mystic other times, and an old retired guy some. But the format works for me. Day One just works. A tabula rosa each day in three different journals. It’s the encapsulation of my times but what is appealing is the rich capture, tagging, and locked down nature of my writing there. So I decided to just focus on what works and is fun for me. I don’t like forced things that some reviewer tells me is the way to use the tools.

Then there’s the time to create some of the three. I create draft blog posts and perchance longer writing some day in IAwriter and life things in Day One. There’s no room for more.

Then I realize the two do come together in this life for me. I blog because I have to and create the words because I must. It’s the creation and catharsis for me. I could never go back to writing inane drivel like most travel blogs I see. I like my inane drivel here more. It’s substance and properties are my fault only. I don’t need to have you read and there is no facility to comment or like. I’ve gone past it some distance. Now I like the words and the art and act of creation. But only here. I cannot manage more.

Then the diary on Day One gives me my inner voice. I can cry out or simper or note the passing of moments of a life spent now in Vietnam. I can write about the most personal. I think people need to create and write in journals of whatever type. It’s the me, myself and I moment.

Just some thoughts spent writing as the days cycle with no apparent or hidden reason. I know now I will leave here too. My spirit and voice require it. Writing and journaling are the paths. Not to enlightenment or a downward spiral. More to record the moments and experiences in no particular order. The thoughts and aspects of the old retired guy. Stay tuned if you like. I’ll finish my coffee in my little room with the rooster crowing it’s appreciation of the cool Hanoi morning.

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