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Morning Coffee and Hanoi Rain

Today’s another cloudy and cooler day here. Well spent with coffee in my room and ruminating. Perhaps considering some pho this morning down the street. There’s not a thing to really get done today so being here with even instant coffee, reading the news on Flipboard and sharing a thing or two on mastodon fulfills my morning. Then there’s writing here. I don’t start with a goal blogging it seems. I look at the page in IAwriter as a place patiently waiting for words to come. Sentences, paragraphs. Maybe a link. Truth be told I don’t care for linking to things much. I figure if I describe it you can find it if you really want to. Apps on my iPhone or iPad are particularly easy this way. Let’s say I mention the app Ulysses and say it’s an iOS and iPadOS app. You’d know where it might be. Why would I link to it then?

Photographs are different. While I can use the app for a single image, all images end up in google photos and creating sharing links is easy there. So even a big rule has an exception. Lol.

Someone asked me what I would expect to accomplish. I don’t like trick questions. I don’t expect anything. I’m fucking retired you know. I told them nothing. I expect nothing. Then I’m never disappointed. You may wonder how a person could live with no expectations, requirements, tasks, or todo lists. Like I said I’m retired.

They don’t pay me any longer to manage those things for enterprise cloud apps and infrastructure programs. Anyways living with none of them turns out to be a work of ease. I never liked them and the people who made excuses about why something could not get done to meet some expectation or milestone.

So you can see with blogging I start with no real guarantee and the title of the post means nothing. It’s a placeholder to let you pass me by or give me a read. I do federate the blog on mastodon and I also list it on different profiles. It’s up to you to click that painful link.

Or not.

Your choice folks.

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