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Here today and tomorrow could be

I’ve dabbled lately with writing blog posts. Been to IAWriter and Ulysses. One is not enough and the other is too much. I’ve also wanted a single place that would treat my few notes of things, old diaries done in markdown and just writing with some ease. I always come back to Bear Notes. It just has the fundamentals and it always seems fun to use. I guess the damental then follows😋.

I don’t particularly care for workflows having played at them with photography and even writing for years. I looked at this one app called Drafts and I don’t get it. Why would I need a place to start a text document when I have a notes app already? It seems twice the work to start something in Drafts only to share it over to Bear. Am I missing something here? I don’t get it’s interface either. Either it’s a notes app or writing app or it’s not. What does it bring besides the vaunted workflow which I have sworn away from as much as possible. Let’s see though.

  1. I have an idea for something or want to capture something
  2. I write it down in a Bear note and perchance tag it or maybe I copy it to the note
  3. It could stay as a note.
  4. It could be shared to Day One because I wanna do that
  5. It could be a blogpost

Done deal? Where does Drafts come in here? It just seems to multiply the effort and give me yet one more tool. Like I said. What am I missing?

Facebook follies

I get tired of Facebook quicker these days but I end up not deactivating my account but just deleting the app from my iPad and iPhone. There’s something about that world that’s pernicious and hateful and now overly political. Truth be told I cannot stand the memes and cartoons and news slanted either way. If I want the news I read the news.

The people on Facebook world amaze me at times. If I compare to the mastodon world it’s significant. My little corner of the world on my instance is alive and compelling. Facebook world seems stuck. Friends that are not really friends. Now I have only 108 of them. I know almost all personally and it does nothing to lessen my growing desire to be away from Facebook world. Many of the so called FB friends only show up to bitch and complain. It lessens any desire of mine to partake. It’s powered by likes and comments and soon it’s easy to reach a place where the sharing is not so importent but the likes and comments are. A friend called it the “like factor”. True?

I don’t know at 1030am on a rainy cool morning in Hanoi. I just know it’s one step to delete the Facebook app and the next step to deactivate the account is easily reached. Some people here worried about me. I was not present posting my usual pictures and little status updates. They messaged me with concerns. So I went back. But it’s no different. The value is none. It’s an effort to continue. FB has been dead to me for years just like twitter and Instagram. I continue in spite because it’s not a serious endeavor. At one point it was fun. Now it’s just an effort.

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