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Visa Time in Hanoi

Just because we have a world pandemic does not mean we live outside of immigration laws. My visa here is a year but it’s really built for a person hopping around Asia and being able to do visa runs every 90 days. In that reality I would leave Vietnam every three months and clear customs by visiting some other friendly country for some days. Then after some stay I would return for another 90 days. Rinse and repeat. Of course none of this works now. There is no friendly country to get to. I cannot just fly to Phnom Penh Cambodia or Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It’s what I would have gladly done if not for this thing named Covid-19. Now people like me and there are bunches of us old retired guys find the same reality. We must extend the visa. It’s not an onerous job but one cannot do it without a visa agent. That takes money.

Now my passport is being submitted for a new exit stamp which will be in November. Then I can do the whole thing one more time. After that, the visa is done so leave I must. The where and how and what I don’t know. And it’s okay. My abiding philosophy for years living on this edge has been day by day. So when a day comes along perhaps December or January I’ll sit down and do something I just don’t know what. It’s all good!

ipad case and delivery

Today I bought a new cheap case for my iPad Air 2019 model. I went online and saw one that was decent for a low price and ordered it. The way it works here is it’s delivered most often and you pay in cash. Or you can use a credit or debit card online. You can also go the store. I opted for delivery. The store customer service texted and called me and let me know the time to my door. Of course the text was in Vietnamese. All I did was copy the text message and put it into google translate. They guaranteed delivery by 15:01 today. So at about 14:45 I got a call. The delivery person let me know he was downstairs. So I went down and paid and I got the case. I tipped him for the service because tipping is not done here and if you just give a person a few thousand VND you make their day. Now I tip all the time. The genuine happiness is so good to see. If you come here sometime, don’t neglect the tip. You will make your service provider very happy! I tip grab drivers that take me places and bring me food, the bun cha ladies next door, the evening cafes by the lake I frequent for food and drink. Just about everyone. So that’s the iPad story for today. A happy ending and a really happy delivery guy. It doesn’t take much since tipping is not normally done. Give your service person 5k VND or 10k VND. That’s about $0.25 to $0.50 cents in USD. Expect a wonderful smile and a cảm ơn back.

end of the day

So the day comes down to it today. The quiet of the apartment has ended with more Vietnamese renters now. I hopefully will outlast them. I liked the peace and quiet here a lot when I was the only one. So that’s the little pieces that made up a Sunday. A good walk, a cheap dinner from the lady that makes the best kebab sandwiches and an Apple. Done for the day. Lazy times settle in.

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