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Day before tomorrow

Last night it really rained here in Hanoi. I was out walking and took shelter under a police umbrella. Usually it will rain for 30 minutes or so. This time it went much longer. I decided to eat at an Indian restaurant not too far from my place so went there for chicken tikka masala, rice, and naan. It’s always good food there and the people are very nice. The beer is also cold. Plus plus and plus 😀. It’s pretty safe to say that eating in Hanoi is international in scope. From burgers to bun cha one can find any food.

Waking up this morning in Hanoi it’s cloudy. Wake up to WhatsApp message from my friend Paul. We will meet at the coffee shop at 1030. We probably get together a few times a week for chatting. It’s an anchor of sorts back to America in some ways. He will never go back. Once his marriage is final he will get some form of residence here in Vietnam. His Vietnamese wife to be jokes she should find me a nice Vietnamese woman that would put up with me.

We often talk about politics back in the US. Sometimes if D joins us we talk about food. She is an excellent cook and teaches Vietnamese cooking to expats and tourists. I’ve gone for dinner once and we had such a variety of food. It was the first home cooked meal in years for me.

Now the rooster crows for some reason. Perhaps he sleeps in too. I used to hear them at about 4am but now sleep through them.

Moved to the bakery and waiting for Paul and D to show up. Places to go for coffee here are basically unlimited. If I want to go farther Highlands Coffee is a Vietnamese Starbucks. I do go there sometimes but I prefer the local places.

So today is another day before tomorrow here. Another visa extension today or so perhaps then three more months to stay. Then one more and it will have been a year here this time. I hope to get to Saigon to see H there before I leave. Now I don’t want any domestic travels. When we were in the 100 days with no community transmission of Covid it was easier to fly around inside Vietnam. Now I don’t think travel is good. I had planned on a few trips here. There is so much to see inside Vietnam. I could stay forever and not deplete the wonderful places, food and beer. Then there’s the people. Paul and D arrived. D has bananas for me. Wonderful people. Love them.

That’s all for this day before tomorrow.

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