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Late August in Hanoi

The first few weeks of August were rainy. We had some pretty intense thunder and lightning storms. The last few days have been simply beautiful. It gets up to about 28 or so. Beautiful weather to walk and take pictures. Hanoi is a big city so walking here means seeing different parts I have never seen before but also doing a walk I really enjoy which takes me to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and park. The area is a central location of embassies and government buildings. There are wide tree lined streets with government and military offices and a lot of police and Vietnamese army presence. Since Covid-19 the number of officers on the streets has markedly increased.

Last night I walked to a favorite district by Long Bien Bridge and had Banh Mi for dinner. It’s a 30 minute walk but the area has so many coffee shops and restaurants plus stores. From there you can walk down to Hoan Kiem Lake. The old quarter and it’s winding small streets soon takes over. It’s fun to wander the Old Quarter and it’s so different from where I live. This Sunday I’ll walk there and take some photographs so you can see the differences.

The next few days will enjoy some Italian food with Vietnamese friends and then am invited for dinner to Paul’s and D. Looking forward to both. I really like going out with the guys. My friend Tu lived in Baltimore for years and Minh was born in Hong Kong and lived in Saigon. We talk a lot about food and Hanoi. I don’t get to see the other guys since C is pregnant and her husband works long hours. We went out several times for dinners before. Everything from Korean bbq, pizza, to burgers. Not much Vietnamese food. Eating at D’s is always good. She cooks wonderful Vietnamese food but also so much else. She teaches Vietnamese cooking classes to tourists and expats here so she knows some stuff about local and other food. A home cooked meal is a blessing.

Truth is Vietnamese people just love to eat and drink. It’s not arm twisting time to try different foods. Seeing them eat Mexican food and American bbq was fun though.

So it’s late August. The beer is cold. Days are cool. Last few days less rain and more beautiful fall type days. It will be raining again. I like this mix of weather. If you ever visit Hanoi, I would recommend either spring time or the fall. March to May times are beautiful. September to November is nice too. Summer can be… warm! Winter you may need a hoodie. Hanoi has some seasons each year.

That’s about it for now.

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