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Another day in Hanoi

Today was a pretty nice day in a few ways. Weather was ideal. I went out for a few hours walking nowhere in particular. I wanted to find a cheap clothing shop so went back to where I used to live and found one I’ll go back to and check out. It was really beautiful out today. By this afternoon walking through the Ngoc Ha local market it was in the mid 20s. I just continued to walk through the market and then stopped in this little neighborhood park I used to sit in before. There are no expats there. Some people wave and say hello since I guess I was a fixture there for some months. I decided to walk back through the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Park. The area requires temperatures to be taken and they will not let you in without face masks and they have an automated hand sanitizer device that dispenses hand sanitizer when I put my hand under it. Slowly made my way by 5pm or so to West Lake and then stopped to get a 6 liter bottle of water for drinking.

By about 6pm decided to head for beers and dinner. Tonight it was chicken fried rice and cold Saigon beers at Mystic Cafe. Mystic is right on west lake so the view is great. It’s nice at the end of the day to sit and enjoy the beverages.

I sat for awhile and watched the usual expats doing the usual things. Had two more beers and then came back to my room. Done.

Another day in Hanoi. Accomplished nothing. Just how I like it. Tomorrow off for a home cooked meal with D and Paul. I am so looking forward to that. Then some beers with Paul and we talk about the US and how we don’t miss it at all. Vietnam, by far, is more interesting to discuss especially when D is around since she’s Vietnamese.

That’s it! Have a good time zone. You deserve it

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